Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Healthy Eating Means Slim Profits for Fast Food Restaurants

It seems as though the health movement is gaining momentum across America. According to a recent Harris Interactive study on food choices, 56% of the respondents said they were likely to choose a restaurant based on their health and dietary needs. In another recent survey, one in three Americans said they wish to eat healthy – and restaurants across the country seem to be obliging.

Fast food chains, over the years, have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Studies linking child obesity with the consumption of fast food have given a bad reputation to fast food in general, and no other company has been affected as much as McDonald’s.

After experiencing declining sales across a majority of its locations in the US and Europe this year, McDonald’s recently added the ‘healthy’ McWraps to its permanent menu. The company has also stated that it will add more healthy items to its Happy Meal menu for kids, including fruits, vegetables and low-calorie beverages. Read more about Healthy Eating.

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