Tuesday, November 5, 2013

But Wait, There's More: McD's Readies Jalapeno Kickers

Gosh, could we maybe go for just a day or two without another menu addition from the burger chains? Burger King announced its new Big King and BBQ Rib sandwiches earlier, but there's more.

There's always more. Just in the last two months, McDonald's has introduced Mighty Wings, added a new Southwest flavor to Premium McWraps, brought back the McRib and rolled out the Dollar Menu & More with five new sandwiches, including a BBQ Ranch Burger and Bacon Buffalo Ranch McChicken.


Not enough? "Brace yourself for the flavor of our new Jalape┼ło Kicker sandwiches...with layers of jalape┼ło slices & pepper jack cheese & cool creamy sauce, there's more to love at McD's," McDonald's Colorado tweeted today. Read more.

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